Our Services for Employers
KHS Personnel offers clients a one stop service, for temporary, contract and permanent industrial, agricultural and related personnel. It is designed to give you, the customer, flexibility and reliability in your workforce, to allow you to optimise your productivity and profitability, in the sure knowledge that your costs are set and your skills are met.

With a minimum contract period of only 8 hours, we can offer employers a great deal of flexibility, whether they are looking for an individual on a short-term or long-term contract, or whether the requirement is for an interim workforce, numbering up to hundreds, to meet busy periods. Similarly, we can, in the right situation, offer an ongoing labour solution, on a regular day to day basis.

Professional Commitment
Our Customers are supported by highly trained, experienced, professional consultants, working within the guidelines of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and all of whom are Associates or Members, of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, to ensure that the quality of selection and the delivery of service is optimised, both for the client and the working candidate.

Fulfilling Client Expectation
For larger contracts, we have a dedicated transport provider and augment that, with our own in-house transport. Our 24 hour on-call service operates 365 days a year, to ensure all your needs are met. All our temporary staff are personally interviewed, tested and checked for eligibility to work in the UK, with copies of appropriate documents held on file.

Expertise and Associations
Full REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) membership
Members of the ALP (Association of Labour Providers)
GLA Licenced (Gang Masters Licencing Association)

We have a representative on the GLA Liaison Committee to ensure that we have input and are up to date with all legislation.

As AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) experts, we can help you structure your employee grading and pay to ensure compliance, without restricting your flexibility, when working with temporary staff.