KHS Personnel Limited’s approach to pay is that all staff are paid by the job that they carry out, regardless of gender. We, at all times, pay at least the national minimum wage/ national living wage (as appropriate). Our gender pay gap is at zero due to this and will remain as such due to our ongoing efforts to ensure equality across our business.


Gender Pay and Bonus Gap

Gender pay gap 0.3% 0%
Gender bonus gap 63.9% 82.9%


Percentage of Employees who received bonus pay

Males               Females

1%                        2.5%

All staff have access to the same commission structure, irrelevant of gender, the high differentials merely reflects that in the period it was males that achieved a higher level of commission/ bonus based on results. If we had been reporting in the previous year, it would be showing that females earned more in bonuses.


Employees by Pay Quartiles

Males Females
Upper quartile 71.2% 28.8%
Upper middle quartile 69.7% 30.3%
Lower middle quartile 69.7% 30.3%
Lower quartile 77.4% 22.6%



Our Quartiles figures are merely a reflection of the fact that we have more males working for the company than females, as can be seen by the fact that we have nearly no gender pay gap. The vast majority of our staff are temporary workers that we provide to our customers, and we give all genders equal chance in all fields, however we find more males apply for the work than females. Within our offices, however, we have an even split of males to females in nearly all roles, and all levels within the company. The fact that we are able to report almost no gender pay gaps will not mean that we will not continue to ensure that these levels are maintained, by constant monitoring, and having a positive attitude to promotion when opportunities arise. The small gap is a reflection of the fact that driving and construction jobs tend to receive a higher remuneration level, and those fields are predominantly carried out by males.

We work along side customers with the same ethos as our selves in ensuring that gender pay gaps are eradicated across the economy.

The published information is accurate as of the date produced, as confirmed by our Financial Director, Stephen Ball.